Beyond Mind The Podcast

Welcome to Beyond Mind, a podcast to help you stop living mind and start living life. I’m your Host, Jennelle Periard. As a breathwork coach, I help humans (just like you) gain freedom from the incessant thoughts of their overactive nonstop mind.

I spent years searching for inner peace and wholeness through external sources, primarily my body. Spoiler alert, it didn’t work. What I was left with is something I can only describe as tornado brain. That chaotic, all consuming, out of control thinking that happens in your mind, and robs you of life itself.

I didn’t know life outside of being imprisoned by thoughts, until I was introduced to breathwork. Breathwork helped me go beyond my mind. To a space deep within where I was met with an inner peace that cannot be described through words – only through experience. Turns out everything I was searching for externally was already inside of me, because it was me.

I  was what I was searching for. Knowing myself at the deepest level set me free from the prison cell that was my mind.

Join me each week in Beyond Mind, where I share deeply transformational conversations. Sure, to help you free yourself from the constructs of your mind.

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