Before I go on trying to describe (meditative) Breathwork, I want to make it clear that no description will ever remotely describe this powerful practice. It is something that must be experienced to understand. But, let me do my best to put it into words…

Breathwork is like your internal, personal therapist that knows exactly what you need, when you need it-without having to speak a word. I like to say Breathwork is like non-verbal therapy.

In a breathwork session you may experience what I call “riding the waves of emotions”. Anything from joy, anger, bliss, sadness, to laughter and everything in between can surface. This provides much needed relief and clarity.

I describe Breathwork as the journey back home. Back home – to who you have always been, before you become filtered by conditioning, beliefs, and traumas. It is the journey that you didn’t know you needed, and the vacation your mind craves.

A breathwork practice leads to a fulfilling life beyond your mind.

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